The choice of the bed is the starting point for the design of each bedroom, the choice of which then influences the position and style of each other piece of furniture.

If you are designing a bedroom for two children in a confined space, you can choose between the various types of bunk or loft beds in the Boxer collection, all extremely versatile and customizable.
If the choice is for a girl, the canopy bed or the beds from the upholstered collection with their vast choice of fabrics offer the possibility of creating a unique space.

The Tom single bed and the Navy con single bed are ideal for young people who feel like adults and want to have a room in which to develop their hobbies and receive friends.

The beds of the Compact collection with their infinite modularity help to create a refined environment in which to play and study.

For the little ones, the evolutionary cots of the Kids collection are perfectly matched to the finishes of the collections for the older ones with the future possibility of being replaced with a single bed of standard size.

If you are looking for space-saving solutions, the bunk beds of the Small collection are ideal in terms of versatility and design.

All our beds can be completed with bedside tables, decorative pillows, armchairs, poufs, mattresses as well as desks , bookcases and accessories from the Easy collection .