Wardrobes with “Multipla” door

The wardrobes with hinged doors with multiple doors allow to obtain dynamic compositions thanks to the wide possibility of varying the finishes of the individual panels, each panel can in fact have a customized finish.

Each wardrobe can be equipped with different opening systems, with single door or seasonal, moreover the multiple doors can be combined with external drawers and open compartments.

Multiple doors are also available for walk -in wardrobes and bookcases .

Wardrobe with open compartment

Wardrobe with built-in “schooner” handle and open compartment for TV.

Wardrobe with differentiated openings

The opening of the differentiated doors allows to have a rational arrangement of the interiors allowing to leave closed the upper doors in which less used clothes or objects can be stored and to have free access in the lower part where everyday clothes can be stored.

Wardrobe with folding doors

The opening of the folding doors allows you to have a large central module in which you can have free access to all the contents.

Bridge wardrobe

The multiple doors allow with their possibility to have different finishes allow you to have a bridge wardrobe with a unique appearance.