“Modula quattro” modular bookcase

The evolution of the bookcase system

Modula Quattro was born from our desire to revolutionize the concept of bookcase by proposing a version able to guarantee its complete adaptability to the space that will host it.

The novelty of the system lies in its modularity which is organized horizontally. Modula Quattro, in fact, instead of developing around the replica of a variable number of side-by-side columns destined to be readjusted or truncated according to the width of the arrival room, starts from the horizontal module, completely customizable, and replicates it in height on several levels, until the defined height or ceiling is reached. For this reason, Modula Quattro is the only bookcase able to guarantee a complete exploitation of space with the maximum visual result.

Suitable for the bedroom, but also for the office or the living area, Modula Quattro is synonymous with total freedom in the organization of space and is the custom-made bookcase in width that becomes “standard”.