Easy Box

Lots of boxes to hang and combine endlessly by creating geometric designs on your home wall. Many niches to accommodate everything that needs to find a space. Shapes and colors that come to life on the walls together with the world they are ready to host.

Examples of use

The Easy Box collection is a suspended alternative to the bookcase system with a lighter aesthetic and smaller dimensions, available in various sizes and colors. The containers of the Easy box collection are a functional functional complement even for smaller spaces such as study corners, corridors, bedrooms and kitchens, as well as service areas.


Finishes available for structures and backs _ Lacquered

White 05

Lemon 18

Mandarin 32

Pink 52

Avocado 70

Sky 90

Turquoise 98

Ice 06

Polenta 20

Fishing 34

Lilac 55

Mint 72

Aquamarine 91

Anthracite 99

Fog 08

Saffron 25

Powder 40

Fuchsia 58

Pistachio 75

Celeste 92

Gray 100

Cream 10

Mustard 28

Coral 44

Cedar 65

Moss 88

London 93

Sand 12

Orange 30

Red 50

Olive 68

Petroleum 89

Powder 94