Made in Italy

Custom furniture and architecture, not standard

For us, every bedroom is a portrait, the most faithful portrait. It is never a question of generic furniture projects, but always of furnishings created specifically for someone (a family), for something (to grow peacefully), for some space (a unique place that has dictated its dimensions and characteristics).
We have the culture, the skills, the organizational tools to realize their idea of a bedroom around the specific needs of each individual customer.

Unique and original paint samples

We are stylists and furniture tailors

We are first and foremost architects, who as refined stylists design a special suit to measure for each client: we choose and weave the suitable fabric exclusively for that suit, the furniture, and then we have it cut and sewn by our expert tailors, the carpenters. .
This is what we do: and we are able to do it at the highest levels of architectural quality of the spaces and craftsmanship of the product, at the minimum cost on the market of the high-end design world.

A value that lasts over the years

It is said that everyone needs their spaces: spaces to live, to work, to travel. But we hardly worry too much about the quality of life in our spaces, the essential correspondence between us and them, the materials and finishes, the used paints that we breathe every day. The interiors designed by us are extremely personalized and offer the perfect aesthetic and functional affinity with the client’s wishes.
They have an emotional value, making a furnished space or even a single piece of furniture a unique piece, personal heritage and family legacy, and represent an investment value because they blend with the architecture of the building, enhancing its functional qualities, aesthetic and even structural.

Detail of bed in solid wood veneer, light oak

Detail of a plywood and laminate cradle

Balance between the different materials thanks to continuous research

We use and work all materials that blend well with wood – almost all of them – starting with upholstery materials such as leathers and fabrics. We work metals through a network of highly specialized suppliers of excellent quality metal finishes.
The research and development of new materials and new processing technologies for the interiors accompanies each project, often thanks to materials borrowed from other sectors to make a different and creative use of them.

Also for these reasons every bedroom, every young space, up to the furnishing of the whole house, reflects a specific design analysis, which will lead to the production of design spaces.

Great technical experience to produce wood of all shapes and colors
We mainly use high quality veneer, but also plywood, MDF panels, solid wood: wood in all its forms. The entire production chain of woodworking is Italian: solid wood cutting, gluing and pressing of panels, machining with numerically controlled machine tools, edging, sanding, painting, bench pre-assembly by the carpenter.

Unique and original paint samples
We are wood tailors; as such we develop unique paint samples for each single finish. Before entering production, the samples are subjected to various tests of resistance to light, abrasion, absorption of aggressive liquids or dyes; when requested by the customer, the same samples are also sent to specific external certification bodies to assess compliance with Italian, European or international reference standards

The authenticity of the wood used to manufacture our furniture is guaranteed by the VERO LEGNO brand.

Safety certification of baby products.