Furnishing our children’s room places us in front of important choices that not only concern the available spaces, the arrangement of the furniture or the colors but also the safety in using them.
This last factor represents one of the central nodes for a conscious choice with respect to the area of the house intended for children.

Beautiful and safe: the child-sized bedroom.

It often happens that we do not dwell enough on the value that our own room has for children.
The first place of autonomy, in which to play, study and spend time outside the constant control of adults, the bedroom represents a special space in which to discover and cultivate one’s passions.
From very small it is the play space in which every corner lends itself to becoming a magical cave, lunar surface or grassy lawn in which to roll around. As one grows, the bedroom transforms into a place for sharing with peers, a free zone in which to draw and read, a refuge and a space for experimentation.
Accepting all these requests relating to the needs of each child means knowing how to conceive a room that gives voice to the increasingly complex needs of our children and do so not only by building around them a beautiful and harmonious space but above all capable of welcoming them in total safety.
In this sense, aiming for an attractive design with simple and elegant lines that distinguishes multifunctional furniture is certainly the right way to help children create their own special space in total safety.

The bunk bed: an example of safety

The “Small” bunk bed is designed for two comfortable 190 x 90 cm mattresses and can also be equipped with a space-saving container. The ladder can be positioned on the front or on the side. The wide choice of protections completes all the possible customizations of the structure

Thanks to the EU regulations that companies are required to comply with, it is possible to choose a practical and safe bunk bed. The regulations – we cite by way of example UNI EN 747-1: 1994 for safety requirements and UNI EN 747-2: 1994 relating to test methods – require the bunk bed to be built with non-toxic materials and safe mechanisms, which barriers that make it up in the upper part cannot be removed except with the use of a tool and that it is stable so that it cannot overturn in any case.
Non-toxicity, mechanical resistance and stability therefore represent the main characteristics to pay attention to when purchasing this type of product.
Dearkids bunk beds , as well as all the furniture produced by the company, are designed in compliance with the relevant regulations since we believe that everything that makes up a child’s bedroom must be safe and produced with quality materials as well as beautiful. and functional.

Safety certification of baby products
For over 10 years Dearkids has had the Safety Certification of products for children recognized to the company by UL, a leading international organization in safety.
Having the UL Mark means having accepted all the safety standards required for children’s furniture and having passed all the necessary checks in accordance with Italian and European standards.
Dearkids, which has been producing furniture for children for 60 years , therefore continues its commitment to the creation of spaces, bedrooms, furniture suitable for children and confirms its sensitivity in terms of quality and safety.