Dearkids for 60 years has been synonymous with quality furniture with an innovative design, known in Italy and around the world for the excellence of the raw materials used and the customization of the furnishings, so much so as to make them truly unique pieces.
We talk about it with Giovanni Pozzi, architect, co-owner of the Brianza company who has chosen furniture for children and teenagers as the central focus of its production.
When was Dearkids born and what is your role within the company?
Ours is a family business founded in the 1950s by my father and his brothers in a territory, Brianza, a symbol of high quality craftsmanship linked to woodworking. A tradition that continues and is still talked about abroad for the value of the labor and materials used by the Brianza furniture makers.
I started working in the company after graduating in architecture and dealing with design and technical development, my figure was then enriched up to 2003 when, together with my cousin, I became co-owner of the company thus carrying on the work of our parents adapting it to the challenges of the contemporary world.
What have been the changes that have taken place over time?
At the beginning the company was called Dear and modular furniture was produced that could be adapted to any need, while from the 70s on the other hand, it has increasingly gone towards specializing in the production of furniture for children.
Since 2003 there have been further changes: we launched the Dearkids product line, which later became our logo and opened up to international markets.
Has there also been an evolution in the idea of furniture for children?
Yes, our product has always been highly customized to meet customer needs and made following high quality standards in terms of manpower and quality of materials.
At the beginning of the 2000s, however, the market seemed to direct customers towards mass-produced and complete products, thus generating children’s bedrooms with everything necessary but without personality.
Our counter-current choice, borrowed from the Northern European tradition, was instead to enhance the design by making it even more accurate and captivating, meeting the customer in terms of price without sacrificing quality.
The result corresponds to the creation of special pieces, capable by themselves of giving character to a room that correspond to the real needs of children and the taste of their parents; I am thinking for example of the Boxer bed, presented in 2003 which fully represents our philosophy.


Uniqueness and customization as a response to mass production …
That’s right, our customers love to be surrounded by beautiful, functional furniture, sure that they talk about them and their children. We ourselves who work at Dearkids strongly believe in this type of approach and we are the first to choose our products for our children’s bedrooms.

What can we expect for the near future?
Soon we will be introducing new water-based finishes with a natural effect and we are paying more and more attention to recycled materials. The Earth is a precious commodity with limited resources that must be taken care of; creating rooms for children also means asking ourselves about their future and that of our planet.