Compact collection

In 1974 RH Smith already highlighted how the correct arrangement of the elements inside the children’s rooms activated creative behaviors, physical contact, verbal communication and favored greater motor activity in children.
The Compact collection responds to this need because the furniture for children and teenagers adapts to all spaces, including the smallest ones. This is how small bedrooms are born that are able to adapt and satisfy all the needs of their little inhabitants, while maintaining a high aesthetic quality, reduced dimensions and a “compact” price.

1850 collection

Compact modular composition. Beds with integrated drawers to make the most of all the available space. The bespoke bridge wardrobe allows you to follow the inclination of the bed.

7006 collection

Compact space-saving composition with corner beds arranged at different heights.

Low bed that can be equipped with drawers, second pull-out bed or comfortable container.

7040 collection

Compact composition suitable for a corridor room typical of urban interiors.

Collection C2012

Maximum containment for this Compact collection composition with walk-in closet and bed with drawers and 2nd pull-out bed.

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