Boxer collection

The Boxer collection was born almost twenty years ago and since then it continues to be our flagship product, our best-selling and also the most imitated bedroom.

It is our most important collection, the one that contains our most iconic creations, those pieces that most represent us since they embody our way of conceiving furniture for the children’s bedroom and furniture in general.

The bunk bed that all children would like:

  • customizable;
  • safe and solid;
  • easy to rearrange;
  • unique and inimitable, like those who use it.

Collection 1820 – Contemporary style and dynamic life

The Boxer loft bed used to create a mini apartment with a relaxation area under the bed. The containment areas are made using the Easy Box bookcase systems and containers. The wardrobe is built with the Open walk-in closet system.
The composition is proposed in Dark Oak essence and lacquered in gray and lemon yellow.

Collection 1830 – A new world in Harmony with the Nature

The Boxer mezzanine structure houses everything you need to organize a bedroom in a mini-space.
In the foreground the Blog padded armchair covered with removable fabric. The bed protection can be personalized with your name.

7001 collection

Neutral tones characterize the bedroom with Boxer bed and padded sommier on wheels. The ladder and the removable methacrylate protection make this solution suitable for school-age children.

Collection S 012

Boxer bunk bed Small model with dark oak structure and cedar color lacquered panels. Under the lower bed there is space for a second pull-out bed. The desk with lacquered legs and the Easy Tree bookcase complete the study corner.

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